What I’m Eating Lately

Week 38
I talked about losing the baby weight on Friday so I thought I might give a little insight to what I’m eating lately to keep on track.

Smoothies have been my best friend for breakfast. I am not a huge fan of just eating fruit. I know it’s weird but I don’t like the texture of a lot of fruits. So this way, I get a few servings of fruit and I always add about a cup of spinach to get in some veggies too. I usually just throw in a mix of fruit, spinach, a bit of orange juice and water to thin it out. I’m also loving this one right now too (but with regular skim milk instead of chocolate). Noah loves it too and often requests the green smoothie.

Lunch usually consists of a few ounces of chicken, steamed veggies and sometimes 1/2 cup of brown rice or some black beans. Alternately, a big salad with lots of veggies, a bit of chicken and a tiny bit of dressing is another option.

When it comes to dinner, I’ve been a little more lenient because otherwise I would have lots of complaints from the peanut gallery. And anyway, Joel can eat whatever he wants and is still too skinny so if I got too healthy he would probably wither away. I’m still making healthy, mostly clean meals that he can alter a bit to fill him up more. For example, last night I made Spicy Lemon Chicken Wraps and for myself I used a low fat, low carb whole wheat tortilla and he got the good ones. I skipped the sour cream and only used a tablespoon of guacamole. He loaded up on them. Another meal this week was grilled shrimp, steamed broccoli and a pasta side dish. I just didn’t eat the pasta…which was really, really hard. Almost torture. But it will be worth it. And on some days, I eat really low calorie breakfasts and lunches so I can “splurge” a little at dinner.

Plain popcorn, apple with peanut butter or a handful of almonds are the snacks I’ve been munching on.

I’m no expert, this is just what’s working for me and I thought I would share. In addition to changing my eating habits (that sounds so much better than dieting), I went to Jazzercise 4 times this week and plan to continue with that frequency.

Although I’ve been a bit sad about not getting to eat that leftover Christmas candy and cookies I whipped up to share with you all soon (I did take a bite so I could tell you how they taste…but only a bite) I am feeling quite accomplished, energized and proud of myself for making great choices towards a healthier lifestyle. And in just a week I’ve lost 4 pounds!

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