Photo Friday

This week’s photo is from Noah’s winter program on Sunday. He kind of stole the show (that’s what the preschool director said, it’s not just because I’m his mom). He sang with such boisterous joy, it was hilarious. And the hand motions…amazing. This is mid “The Itsy Bitsy Snowflake.” I so love this kid!

Sorry I didn’t share any recipes this week. Turns out we have whooping cough (did you know you can still get it even when vaccinated? I didn’t). So we have been quarantined to our house since Wednesday and can’t leave until Monday. Yep, that’s been fun and it’s only the start of day 3. My kids haven’t been napping either so by the time we get them to bed at night, I’m ready to crash too so I haven’t had time to blog. With Joel home this weekend, I’ll get a jump start on next week. I promise. It’s only the third week of January, so much for resolutions, eh?
Noah's Program

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