Photo Friday – Let’s Get Real

I often feel like I have to be supermom all the time. Keep up with the dishes and laundry, keep the house clean, have dinner on the table by 5:30 all the while spending quality time with my kids. That last one gets me sometimes. Because sometimes that’s the one at the bottom of my list. I get caught up on clearing out that to-do list and then I’m stressed out because it’s never going to all get done then the day is done and I lay in bed with a pit in my stomach and guilt in my heart. Because I said I couldn’t play the game because dinner isn’t going to make itself. Because I yelled when he was making a mess instead of just joining in on the fun and worrying about the clean up later. And I’ve been cooped up in the house for 8 days with sick kids. Like literally can’t leave the house. I kind of felt like I was losing my mind. And it didn’t help that these photos are just a preview of what every square inch of my house looked like.
It’s been a rough week. Then yesterday I remembered I needed a photo to share today. So I was laying on the floor getting a picture of our mess when all of a sudden I have a monkey on my back. So I snap a selfie with him. Then a ton more because I’ve raised a cheeseball who loves to see pictures of himself.
And I feel like we were finally having some fun. In that moment I also reminded myself that even a saint would go insane being quarantined in their house with two kids for 8 days and that I need to give myself a little grace. That is a constant struggle for me. I’m trying to let go of perfection and I’m realizing that sometimes I need to tell that to-do list to f off. I don’t need that stress in my life. Sometimes I’m the best mom in the world and other times I’m no fun at all but I’m Noah and Hannah’s mama for a reason and I’m doing the best I can.

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  1. Meghan you are an excellent mama and don’t ever doubt yourself. You can keep the perfect house when the children are more grown but for now enjoy them and don’t feel guilty about getting stressed out. If dinner is a little late oh well too bad. Nobody will starve! Being a full time stay at home parent is the toughest job you will ever have but also the most rewarding. It is perfectly normal to get frustrated with the responsibility of the home and children so don’t beat yourself up about it.
    Love you

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