Photo Friday

On Monday I told you about spending Valentine’s Day with my boy. I don’t get to spend a lot of time just with him so it was a really special day for us. I managed to snap a couple pictures of the little dude doing his thing although I think he actually took more pictures than I did that day.
He’s really been into photography lately and has loved helping me style and photograph the dishes I feature here. On Valentine’s morning we created and baked up our own recipe, red velvet muffins (turns out red velvet is pretty bland without the cream cheese so I won’t be sharing them). We did photograph them though and this is how it went down. I told Noah, like I always do, that we had to take pictures before we ate them so he ran to my cabinet where I keep my pretty bowls (yes there’s a cabinet for them), opens it and picks one out. Then he ran to the towel drawer to pick out a “pretty, valentines-y towel” then ran to table with them, drapes the towel in the bowl and fills it with the best looking muffins. Then he ran to get the camera. To say I was bursting with joy is an understatement. It’s something special to see such passion in your child about something you love. Man, that kid is awesome.

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