Photo Friday

Since this was our third year visiting Vegas, we decided to get away from the strip and explore Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We were driving the loop and our breath was taken away by this view. I had Joel stop the car right away and I jumped out and stood in the middle of the road to take this picture. He doesn’t love the sign in the photo but I kind of find it charming. What do you think?

We didn’t make the best decisions the night before at the party Joel’s company threw and didn’t get back to the hotel until 3 in the morning so we got a later than planned start. We departed on the Ice Box Canyon Trail and it proved to be trickier than we had anticipated. Turns out when the trail sign says difficult, they actually mean it.

A large amount of the trail was climbing over big boulders like this. No bueno. At least it was good exercise to get us ready for our 5K tomorrow.
Although I complained a lot through this hike, we had a great time experiencing some nature on our little getaway. The craziness of the strip can get to be a bit much for this introvert so it was nice to escape it for a few hours.


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