Photo Friday

On Saturday, my family ran the Donate Life Nebraska 5K in honor of my cousin Buddy. He was an organ donor and he saved and improved many lives. We have always been organ donors but it’s become something we are really passionate about now. If you aren’t an organ donor, please consider it. It’s an amazing gift to give to a family.

Here we are before the race. It started down pouring shortly after we finished so that was unfortunate but we still had a great time. My dad and brother walked the 5K with the kids so they got soaked. Lightening and thunder started so they rushed to get to the finish line and the whole way there (about 15 minutes) Noah kept telling them “we need to find shelter.” Poor buddy gets so freaked out by thunderstorms. Luckily, the rain let up shortly after and we got back to the car quickly.
5K 1
And after. Not bad for our first 5K.
Donate Life Nebraska 5K
Donate Life Nebraska 5K
We’re quite the crew, aren’t we? Bahaha.


  1. The photo with Trey Just cracks me up !

    1. Haha, I know! He definitely makes the picture!

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