Photo Friday

I didn’t realize how much one sibling could love the other and how the other could be so “meh” about the whole thing. That’s been my life for a large part of the last year. It’s definitely been a struggle but things are looking up. These two separate instances happened this week, two days in a row in fact.

Bath time is sometimes a battle because Noah likes to come up with games and “set ups” as he calls them and Hannah is always desperate to join in. His plans usually don’t involve her which typically results in somebody being mad. But this night, they played nicely together, shared and were sweet to each other.
Why is flooding the bathroom so fun?
I always end up soaked by the end of bath time especially since Hannah’s new favorite game is “throw the water soaked loofah at mommy.” Mommy’s not a big fan of that game.

But how can you be mad when she looks like this? You just can’t.
The next day, in the middle of getting ready for school, they decided to pull up some chairs, sit together and read. There is a “no pants, no problem” vibe that goes on in our house so excuse the various degrees of undress. They were just sitting there together reading their books. My mouth may have been hanging open. I got up and told them I would be right back and Noah asked “are you going to get your camera mommy?” I must do that a lot or maybe he even knew it was a monumental moment worth capturing. Either way, it was really cool to see them interacting together without the dude getting mad at her for touching something.
Maybe we’re doing something right after all. There are definitely phases, or ages, that we go through when I wonder. Then the mommy guilt trickles in and it’s all downhill from there. But then there are moments. Moments like these when you see a little light. And you know everything is just fine.


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