Photo Friday {Raising a Gentleman}

Mother's Day Flowers 3
Noah gave me these flowers for Mother’s Day and gosh does that kid knows me. I’m all about bright and non-traditional, no roses for this girl. He was so stinking excited to give them to me it seemed like he might burst. I know I’ve mentioned that we’ve struggled at times with his attitude and feelings toward his sister but when I saw how excited he was I knew I was doing something right. I want to raise a gentleman that is respectful, holds open doors and gives the woman in his life flowers (that woman will always be me, right?). I want him to understand and appreciate how very blessed he is and that there are so many people that aren’t as lucky. I want him to desire to help those people. To give with a joyful heart without even thinking twice.

I often think about what I want to instill in my children and fell in love with Kristan’s post about writing a mission statement for your kids. I haven’t written ours yet but isn’t that just the best idea? Just a little something to think about. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The second edition of Sunday Inspiration was inspired by a post this week and it’s is going to be a delicious one so stay tuned.

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