Recipe Updates

It’s been awhile since I shared some recipe updates. I set a recent goal for myself to remake and photograph some oldies but goodies don’t look as pretty as they should. Any recipe I share here is something I would make and eat again, but with all the new recipes I make in order to share new content, some of them get lost in the shuffle. So, I’ve been trying to make an old recipe each week so that I can bring it to your attention without embarrassing myself with cringe-worthy photographs. I even have my eye on a new lens but it’s pricey so it will have to wait.

Chorizo Nachos are the perfect party snack or movie night dinner.
Chorizo Nachos 2
Pizza sauce is a huge go-to in our house and we always have a batch portioned out in the freezer so we’re always ready for pizza night.
Pizza Sauce 5
One of my favorite simple, healthy-ish lunches is a Chicken Caesar Wrap. I usually grill extra chicken one night so I can have these for lunch a couple days that week.
Chicken Caesar Wraps 5
Bleu Cheese Dressing, I’m the only one in my house that will eat it. Sometimes it’s nice not having to share.
Bleu Cheese Dressing 7
Kansas City BBQ Rub is the best for ribs and pulled pork.
Kansas City BBQ Rub
Lastly, I realized I hadn’t updated my About Page since before Hannah was born. Oops. Now I have updated information and pictures of my whole family.

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