Photo Friday {T-Ball}

Watching 4 and 5 year olds play t-ball is pretty entertaining. Lots of distraction going on. There were two helicopters flying over the fields pretty low for part of the game so you can guess how well those plays went. It was pretty funny.

Hannah was desperate to get in on the action.
Noah at bat.
The kids are learning pretty quickly though.
Playing first base.

This boy of mine is going to be 5 in exactly a month. Once again, howwww? There are so many times I wish the hours away so I can have a break then you blink and they are in school. Life is crazy, isn’t it? I’ve really been making an effort to enjoy the little moments. They are gone so fast and looking back over the years those are the ones that mean the most. Hug your babies, dang it. They’ll be 5 as quick as you know it.

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