Photo Friday {Kitchen Helpers}

Kitchen Craziness
I posted this photo on my social media earlier this week. This is literally the size of my kitchen. With how much I cook, I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to this house. Well, the thought was to eventually blow out the wall and take over the formal dining room then simply have the eat in kitchen for meals. We’re not fancy so no need for a big fancy dining room just a place for us to sit down together every night. I wish I was here to tell you that was happening, hah. It’s not. Just showing you what I’m working with.

And isn’t the middle of the kitchen the perfect place to color at 5:15 in the evening? Not the kids table in the eat-in kitchen literally 5 feet away. But I shouldn’t complain because they were actually being nice to each other. And they just want to be with me. But seriously, if I got one more stink eye for stepping on the coloring book. Really children, because I’m the one in your way? Those two are something else but it’s my crazy train and I love it.

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