Photo Friday {Tanking}

Have you ever heard of tanking? You basically float down the river in a stock tank. The lazy man’s canoeing. Perhaps a little red neck? Don’t hate. It’s apparently a Nebraska thing but I hadn’t heard of it until last year. On Sunday we officially became Nebraskans and went tanking down the Elkhorn River.

There were lots of sand bars where we stopped to get out and run around. As you can see, the kids loved it. Hannah was getting a little ornery at one point on the tank and my mom told her she was going to throw her in and Hannah ran reached for her and said “yeah yes.” That’s how she says yes, little weirdo. These kids are little fishes.

There was a lot of clay on the boundaries of the sand bars so the boys of course had to explore in it.

We’re soaking up the last bits of summer here and hope you are too!

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