Photo Friday {Labor Day Weekend}

We went to Kansas City over Labor Day to spend some time with Joel’s family. We went to Worlds of Fun for a last summer hoorah. Joel and I hadn’t been in 10 years, way before kids, so it was nice to be back. And man are things different when you take kids to an amusement park. We rode three rides the whole day. But the kids had a blast and we got to spend some time at Oceans of Fun too cooling off since it was a scorcher.

Hannah rode her first solo ride and I about had a heart attack worrying she would stand up while they were up in the air.
Noah’s like his daddy and is not a fan of fast, spinning rides. Sissies.
He loved all of the kid rides though.
We also found out Hannah likes to drink ketchup. Whyyy are my kids so weird?
And also, that hair.

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