Photo Friday {Apple Jack Festival}

We made our annual trip to the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City this past weekend. We started the day with an apple cider slush and some shopping at the craft booths. I found an amazing Minnie Mouse beanie for Hannah that will hopefully entice her to keep on a hat this winter. Side note: she started saying Minnie Mouse and it’s to die for cute. She knows how to make up for her ornery ways.
While my mom and I shopped, the boys explored and watched the cider mill. Noah would spend the whole day watching the cider making process if he could. That boy loves to know how things work.
We had some lunch then went to the orchard to go on a hayrack ride and pick some apples. Apple recipes coming soon, duh. It was a day of lines so while my dad waited for the hayrack ride, the kids played on tire mazes and in sand (every moms favorite thing when it rained the night before).
We picked honeycrisp, empires, galas and more and I have no idea which is which in our bowl of goodness.
Apples 1
We came home with a big jug of apple cider and several jellies since PB&J’s are Noah’s new obsession.
Even though the place is packed and the lines are long, I love this tradition of ours.  

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