Photo Friday {Hannah’s Party Prep}

My baby is going to be 2 in less than 2 weeks. She is the definition of wild and ornery. She is the loudest little human being ever in existence.

But look at those eyes. How could those blue, piercing eyes be anything than sweet?
And that sweet little pony. Come on.
I’ve been planning her party this week and will have lots of fun details to share in a week or so. She is absolutely obsessed with Minnie Mouse so it was easy to decide on the theme.

I’ve did some DIY invites and other fun things that I’m excited about. She loves to pick out her clothes (already) and get dressed up so I’m making a dress up wardrobe out of a cheap bookcase and lots of dress up items. Would you guys be interested in a DIY/craft post about some of the projects I’ve been working on? Or should I stick to food?


  1. I want DIY!!!! 🙂 She is so cute. Are you crying a lot? I cried when Emma turned 1. So I can only assume when she turns 2 there will be more tears.

    p.s. great pictures! what camera/ lens do you use?

    1. Thanks Renee! I haven’t cried yet but I’m sure the tears will come. It seems like it just totally snuck up on us! I use a Nikon D90 with a 35 mm lens.

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