Photo Friday {Boo at the Zoo}

We’ve had another crazy week around here with lots of working late, baseball watching (go Royals!!!), Boo at the Zoo and winter coat shopping for the kids. The cold weather finally decided to show up and it did with a vengeance. So much boo to that. But it did mean that I got to go the new North Face Outlet so I guess I can’t complain too much. It took everything in me not to buy all the things.

We still haven’t carved our pumpkins #parentingfail. Oh well, they’ll get done today or tomorrow. Look at me, being all nonchalant and breezy like it’s not a big deal. The type A personality within may be screaming that I should have planned better but I’m trying to ignore that jerk. Who needs her anyway?

But like I said before, we did get to Boo at the Zoo this week with Optimus Prime and Minnie Mouse in tow.
Boo at the Zoo 3
Minnie was pretty grumpy about the line to get in and not being held the whole 45 minutes by mommy but she perked up when we got to see the animals and get some loot.
Boo at the Zoo 5
Boo at the Zoo 6
The train ride was their favorite. No surprise there. Oh, and Elsa and Olaf. But mostly Olaf.
Boo at the Zoo 7
We’re excited for trick or treating and handing out candy tomorrow. The past two years Noah has enjoyed giving out the candy more than going to houses. He literally stands at the end of our driveway and yells at people to come to our house. He has a little dance to go along with the whole thing while yelling “yeah yeah, we’ve got candy” over and over again. I so hope that happens again this year. It’s been the highlight of Halloween for us and it gives me such joy to see such a giving spirit within him. And you better believe if the song and dance come out, I’ll have a video to share with you all.
Boo at the Zoo 1




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