Photo Friday {Spring Break Edition}

Spring Break Edition makes it sound pretty wild and crazy, huh? Well, don’t get too excited. Our spring break staycation consisted of several trips to the children’s museum, s’mores on the fire pit, the park, going to the movies and a Chick-Fil-A play date. I did my best to keep us busy so that I wouldn’t go crazy. The weather has been ridiculously nice so we’ve spent a lot of time outside too.

The kids were pretty excited to make s’mores and gobble them up. Hannah was not a fan of the fire and stood as far away as possible. Once she inhaled her s’more she was ready to go inside. She doesn’t have our pyro genes. That’s probably better in the long run I guess but she better like fireworks this summer or we’re selling her to the zoo.
Noah and Hannah are both obsessed with the Children’s Museum so we took two trips this week to play.
They love to paint their faces and Hannah always wants to be a puppy dog. Easy peasy for mommy.
Noah likes to paint his own face and here he is a tiger. That’s his scary face.
We also went to the theater Tuesday morning to see Zootopia. Hannah did well for about half of it and the other half involved bribery with mini M&M’s, spilling water, poopy diapers and shushing. We were pretty entertaining.
After our second trip, we stopped by the park for a picnic.
I managed to lock us out of the van and we of course were not at the park close to our house. Joel rescued us and we were still able to get home in time for nap time which was really a lifesaver since Hannah was up from 10:30 to 2 am the night before. Hence the enormous coffee.
But look how sweet. They are really starting to play well together and even occasionally team up together against us.
And I’ll leave you with my little gentleman holding the door open for everyone while we waited for our friends to arrive.

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