Photo Friday {Life Lately}

Here’s what has been going on lately (all via my iPhone, sorry).

The weather has been unbelievably nice so we walked to school a few times this week to pick up Noah. I grabbed his sunglasses from the car (because he’s his mama’s child and NEEDS sunglasses) and she thought she need to wear them along the way. We couldn’t find hers because she tosses everything while in her carseat and my car is currently a pit of stuffed animals, blankets and random socks.
And when it’s nice outside bubbles are a must. They seriously played with them for about 20 minutes and I got to read a magazine. That’s pretty much a miracle around here.
We also went to the park several times. This is what happens when we walk to the park after dinner. Shenanigans.
I’ve tried a few new recipes this week from my cookbook collection (this and this) and they were both amazing. Tzatziki Chicken Salad is apparently best when eaten with your fingers.
When you go to Target in March in your Christmas pj’s for Easter candy. I guess you’ve got to make a bed of candy so it’s more comfortable to chill in the cart.
Oh, and I got gas for $0.80 this week. Madness I tell you. Thank you grocery store fuel savings.

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