Photo Friday {Bagels and Springtime}

We made bagels this week! I’ve wanted to make them forever but was just scared to give it a go as I assumed it would be complicated and take way too much time. But I’ve started to enjoy making breads and doughs much more lately so the timing was right and turns out they don’t take much time at all. I’m bringing you the recipe next week so watch out for it.
Hannah was my trusty little helper (as always) and insisted on measuring the flour for me. At least she knows how to do it right.
Originally she wanted to wear one of mommy’s aprons but that didn’t work out so well and she finally let me put hers on. She’s a stubborn one.
The weather was nice that afternoon so we went for a spin around the block and stopped to smell our amazing flowering trees. If anybody knows what kind of tree that is, let me know! It smells so amazing.
I missed Noah getting a real good sniff of the flowers (I’m talking nose buried in the flowers) since I was busy chasing the little miss who is totally into running into the street these days. She seriously has no fear and doesn’t understand the danger. Oh, I don’t know what to do with that girl. Noah has always been cautious so I never had to worry about that with him. So many things that second child challenges you with, right?
I’m going to start sending a weekly recap email on Saturdays with all of the posts from the week. Let me know what you guys think.

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