Photo Friday {Mother’s Day and Travel Plans}

This was the last full week of school. Please pray for me. When the kids are together, they are usually fighting so that could make for a long couple months. Luckily, we have TONS of exciting plans for the summer so I’m hoping everything will keep them busy enough to forget that they annoy each other. Wishful thinking? Will they just annoy each other in different places? We shall see my friends.

Joel and I are going to London and Ireland in just a few short weeks! Gah! I was soo pumped when we first planned the trip then life got busy and I kind of forgot about it and now here it is. I’ve got all the last minute things on my mind (hello weird outlets and contacting credit card company) before we hop across the pond. I wonder if British people hate that phrase? Anyway, Joel’s company has an office in London and they want him to visit once a year and since it’s such a trip they want him to be there for 2 weeks. Since it’s for work, they cover his flight and hotel so we just couldn’t resist the chance to turn it into a vacation. I’ll be joining him for 8 days and we’ll spend half that time in Ireland. While we’re in London he’ll be working so I’ll explore the city on my own during the day. We also planned it around our anniversary so we’re excited to celebrate 8 years there.

We’re also all travelling to San Diego at the end of June for a close friends wedding. Tell me all the food to eat.

On to recent activities. We went to Kansas City this weekend to celebrate my mother-in-laws 60th birthday. We spent the morning at the park, went to a favorite, local barbecue spot then headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead for a fun afternoon together. Of course I forgot my camera. The kids (and adults) had fun petting teeny baby goats and cows, checking out chickens, playing on farm equipment and eating ice cream. It was a wonderful day spent with family.
Mother's Day 2016
On Sunday, Mother’s Day, we headed back home and made a pit stop in Omaha to see my parents and brother. We had lunch together at our favorite pizza place then went to the zoo to check out the new elephant exhibit. We even got to pet stingrays. At the end of the day, the kids were running around in a little splash pad/fountain area and Noah bent over then when he stood up he gashed his head open on the stingray (the picture was before it happened).
Mother's Day 2016
I scooped him up, checked out the damage and huffed it to the first aid station. As soon as we walked in, the nurse asked if he was at the stingray fountain. We originally thought someone gave her a heads up that we were on the way, but nope she said she has someone everyday that is injured on it. As if I wasn’t upset enough, then I was furious that it happened so often and nothing was done about it. Don’t mess with mama bear. We hurried to the ER and he ended up with 2 staples in his head. On Monday he had a bad headache and was feeling dizzy so he stayed home to rest. They thought he might have a slight concussion so he couldn’t watch TV so that was interesting. He’s feeling back to his old self now and will have the staples removed on Tuesday. I think the poor kid might need to start wearing a helmet.
Mother's Day 2016
We have a free weekend ahead of us (finally!!) so I plan on baking a ridiculous dessert that I’ll be sharing with you next week. It involves sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. Stay tuned.

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