Photo Friday {Summertime Vibe}

School’s out for summer people. Give me all the ideas to keep the kids busy. I have a Pinterest board of science and art projects that we plan on trying. Oh and we’ll be baking tons, to work on his math skills of course.

Speaking of baking, I am absolutely loving these new towels I picked up at Sur La Table while we were in Vegas. Aren’t they just the cutest? I love them for rising bread, drying hands and wiping off messy faces. My kids have used them several times to clean up mashed strawberries and other stain-worthy messes and they have come out of the wash perfectly clean. Love them.
Sur La Table Towels
I finished reading A Mother’s Reckoning last week and it was eye-opening, emotional and heartbreaking. I think it’s worth a read for anyone, but especially if you have kids. I’m just about done with The Good Girl and I’m loving it so far. That’ll be 3 books in less than a month. Can you tell I’m on a total reading kick these days. I need recommendations for a couple more for my trip to London. I don’t sleep well on planes so I assume I’ll be doing a lot of reading. Our city libraries summer reading program is kicking off today too so I need to keep on track with reading. I love going to the library and always get excited to participate every summer. My kids already love reading but they get especially excited when they get tickets to baseball games and get to participate in fun activities and outings just for reading. It’s a nationwide program so check out your local library for the details. Read people. It makes you smart.

When does everybody else get out of school? I know we get out earlier than a lot of people around the country so sorry if I’m rubbing it in. What are your big plans for summer break?


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