Photo Friday {Rainy Days}

It’s been raining all week here which has been a big bummer for the first week of summer break. Luckily some of the fun activities I scouted out on Pinterest have been big hits and kept the kids busy and mostly happy. But we are quickly starting to destroy the house so I’m ready for the sunshine to come back so they can run wild outside instead.

We had a little reprieve from the rain on Tuesday night so we fired up the grill to make some buffalo chicken. I whipped up some basic macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli to go along with it and it totally hit the spot. The kids are both obsessed with helping me these days (Noah went on a little hiatus for a while) so that can be fun at times. Then there are times when it takes 20 minutes to grate cheese because “Hannah do it!”

Do you guys have any fun plans for the holiday weekend? Joel is leaving for London on Saturday so I plan on spending it with my parents before I fly out on Tuesday. If you are looking for some patriotic party food to help you celebrate Memorial Day, check out this, this and this. Oh and this.
4th of July Pudding Pops 5
I stumbled upon these Bacon Cinnamon Rolls a few days ago and thought they would be the perfect addition to your Father’s Day breakfast plans. I mean, wouldn’t they make any dad’s dreams come true. Ok, well anybody really if we’re being honest.

We went to Joel’s softball game on Monday night. It rained most of the day so everything was wet and muddy so there was no way of avoiding this. The girl loves puddles. By the end of the game she was soaked and disgusting so she had to ride home in just her diaper. Noah thought it was hilarious but wasn’t having any of it himself. He takes after his mama.
My new favorite Instagram account to follow. I have a weird obsession with gorgeous doors so I could stare at this feed for hours. Is that weird? Get ready to see some crazy awesome door photos in a few weeks.

Speaking of Instagram, is anybody else obsessed with watching those videos where people decorate ridiculously detailed cookies? I find them mesmerizing and spent a good 20 minutes staring at these the other day.

Have a great weekend friends!

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