Photo Friday {8.26.16}

Today we’re talking all about my new favorite beauty products, my favorite new hobby, parades, learning new skills and more.

I have a new addiction and it’s good for me but not for the wallet situation. Lush may just own my soul soon. While we were in Omaha this weekend celebrating my parents birthdays we went out to dinner in an area of town we don’t usually go to since it’s pretty much the opposite side of where they live. Anyway, before dinner I casually mentioned to my mom that the new Lush was right next to the restaurant. She said yes, we must go and the boys and kids can wait in the car because that is not the place for our crew. Although the kids are little Lush addicts too (more on that later).

I’ve been to Lush a few times in Vegas but I’m always overwhelmed and unsure of what to get so I usually just browse and leave empty handed. On my last trip there I actually asked the sales person for help (those that know me know this is a big step) and it turns out they are super helpful and not pushy. That’s the trick to Lush if you’re a newby, you have to ask for help! I told her my skin issues and she tried a few different options on me (decided on Dream Cream) and even gave me a sample of body wash to try for my chronically dry skin. I knew if I went in with a list of products the place would be deadly and that’s what I did this past weekend. My psoriasis had been flaring up this summer on my scalp which is so not attractive and embarrassing so I wanted to give their shampoo and conditioner a go since my normal routine wasn’t working. I’m in love. They leave my hair so clean, soft and fresh smelling. And I’m pretty sure it’s a rule that you can’t leave Lush without at least one bath bomb. They leave my skin so soft and moisturized and the kids are addicted to them too. I’m not sure how I feel about the Ocean Salt scrub yet since I don’t use it every day since my skin dries out so easily. I’ll report back on it in a couple weeks. Are there any Lush products you can’t live without? I want to know but probably shouldn’t.
Lush 2
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was taking some screen printing classes to get certified (just for fun) and I had my last class this week. I made this shirt and I personally think it’s quite hilarious and it’s my favorite by far. It’s completely me and I think I might wear it camping this weekend. Yes, camping. It’s in an old train caboose that has been converted to a cabin so at least there’s that. And I have a s’mores stash so I’ll survive I guess. Now give me all the shirt and print ideas.
T-shirt 3
We went to the Arrows to Aerospace Parade this weekend in my hometown. I loved growing up Air Force and wouldn’t change the experiences I was privileged to live for anything. It was great celebrating the community together, spending time with my family and catching candy.
Arrows to Aerospace Parade
Arrows to Aerospace Parade
Noah got a big kid bike (without training wheels!!) for his birthday this summer so we took him out to a local park with smooth, wide bike trails to practice. Side note, our neighborhood is a little hilly and the sidewalks are wonky so that’s why we drove somewhere to practice biking. I was worried he would be scared and panicky but he did really well and Joel made sure he felt safe. It’s hard with those two because besides Noah’s outgoing nature, he is a lot like me. He worries, thinks things through (too much sometimes) and is scared to fail. Joel just goes with things and hope it works out. He lives his life carefree and happy (which is one of his most loveable features) so it’s hard for him to understand our worrisome habits sometimes. But they were a great team and he made some progress. I think it will still take a few more practice days before he’s going confidently on his own but he’s getting there.
That’s all I’ve got for you today friends? What are you up to this weekend?

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