Photo Friday {9.02.16}

Today’s Photo Friday features camping adventures, surprise plans, Labor Day talk and more reads.

We went camping in an old converted caboose this weekend. I got about 40 bug bites so I’m never going outside again. Ok so besides the bug bites it was pretty fun. It’s still pretty much one of the last things I would choose to do but the kids had a blast playing with their cousins so that made it worth it at least. And I’ve been sleeping really well due to the Benadryl I have to take to stop the itching. So there’s that. Benadryl is one of those medicines where the “do not drive or operate machinery” warning totally applies.

I discovered you can check out audio books from the library through Hoopla recently (I know, where have I been) so I’ve been listening to books in the car when I don’t have the kids, while cooking, folding laundry and such. I just finished Yes Please by Amy Poehler and totally loved it. I imagine this is one that’s so much better to listen to then to read since she reads it. I just started Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World and I’m not sure about it yet but I’m only about an hour in so I’m going to give it a little more time. I like some of the points and it’s making me realize when I have my phone when I should be engaging with the kids instead. Buuut, it’s coming off as a bit preachy so I’m not totally digging that. I’ll report back next week.

We’re planning a kind of last minute trip to Colorado Springs for the end of the month. It’s just going to be a three day weekend thing but I’m so so excited. Joel’s company gives each employee 2 tickets to any sports team that uses their product and money towards a flight/fuel each year. In the past we’ve gone to Seattle and Salt Lake City but we wanted to keep it a little more low key this year since our fall is pretty dang booked up already with Cub Scouts, birthdays, work trips and school.

We tossed around a few ideas then this weekend I had an epiphany as I was laying in the caboose bunk bed at midnight unable to sleep that we should drive to Colorado and surprise Noah and take him with us. We’re planning on picking him up from school on a Thursday and telling him we’re going somewhere and just start driving. He’ll already wonder what’s going on when Joel is at pickup and Hannah isn’t. Oh my gosh, I’m bursting with excitement. He was totally obsessed with Colorado when we went last summer and hasn’t stopped talking about going back. He wanted to spend the whole summer there this year (wishful thinking kid). We’ll have all of Friday to do whatever he wants which will probably be Pike’s Peak and hopefully Seven Falls since it was closed due to flooding last summer. On Saturday we’ll be going to the Air Force v. Navy football game and we’ll be hardcore cheering for Air Force. My dad served so we’re especially excited to go to this particular game. Then we’ll maybe do something Sunday morning then head home.
Day 5
As always, I’ll take any food recommendations in the area. We have a few favorites that we’ll try to hit up but we’re always up for something different.

What are you all up to for Labor Day? We’re having my parents and brother over for a bbq. We’re going to smoke some kind of meat and make some of our favorite summer dishes before it’s too late. Football season has been crazy so far this year so I’m just glad to have a day off with Joel. Oh and speaking of football, the first Husker game is this weekend. GBR but now it’s really complicated to go to the farmers market. Sad face.

That’s all for today friends. Have a great (and safe) Labor Day weekend!

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