Photo Friday {Happy Halloween}

It’s been awhile since I checked in with a Photo Friday post. Today I’m sharing our photos from Halloween, a delicious treat using leftover candy and some favorites from the week.

Did you all have a fun Halloween? As you can see, they were Darth Vader and Princess Leia this year. I’m pretty sure they were just in it for the lightsabers. This was the first year Hannah really got it and she didn’t want to stop. After about 2 blocks Noah was done and headed back to the house with Joel to hand out candy. That has been his absolute favorite part of Halloween since he was 2. He has such a kind, giving heart and watching the joy he has handing out candy every Halloween just about melts my heart. Hannah, my parents and I walked around the neighborhood a bit more before going back to the house.

Now for some favorites from the week.

I so look forward to Jimmy Kimmel’s “I ate your candy” every Halloween. It didn’t disappoint this year.
Hannah's 3rd Birthday
Speaking of candy, did you see the way I used leftover candy on Wednesday? OMG, so good and ridiculous.

Hello Gilmore Girls. I’ve been scared to admit this but I’ve never watched it. I know, the shock and horror. I don’t know what happened but I just never watched it when it was on TV and never really knew what it was about. But with all the talk all over social media for the Netflix revival, I decided I should see what all the hubbub was about. Um, addicted. Joel was out of town last week so I had the TV to myself every night so I started binging and got through the first season. I wish I hadn’t waited all this time to watch because now I can’t stop thinking about what will happen next and I’m neglecting everything else in life, except for the children.

Loving this article about giving your kids freedom at the grandparents house. I have to admit I get a little uptight about my kids being up super late because then I have to deal with their crabbiness the next day but everything is this article is so true.

We have family pictures on Tuesday and I’m so excited. I totally spaced our annual family photos but I was able to book them at the last minute. The leaves are unreal right now so the scenery should be pretty epic. Keep an eye out for those in the next few weeks.
Hannah's 3rd Birthday
That’s all I’ve got friends. Hope you have a great weekend filled with all the fall things.

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