Photo Friday {It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas}

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here and I’m sharing it all in today’s edition of Photo Friday. We decorated the tree, visited Santa and started all the Christmas preparations. I’m talking Christmas Eve and Christmas morning menus, shopping and more.

The kids had school off on Monday so we decided to put up the tree and decorate the house. From the second Noah opened his eyes he was asking if we could get the tree out. He was so excited to decorate it this year and it was so fun. We blasted Christmas music and unwrapped the ornaments while Joel put the tree together then we all decorated together. It looks…interesting. But the ornaments on the bottom half get rearranged on the daily thanks to the small one so I’m just going with it.
Oh Christmas Tree
My favorite part of decorating the tree is unwrapping the ornaments and reminiscing about their meaning. I get the kids a new ornament each year usually centered around whatever they are into and we also get a family ornament to commemorate the year. Anytime we travel I always purchase an ornament. So with all that, we have a lot to talk about and remember. Noah really loved hearing the stories and looking through out childhood ornaments this year which made it all the more fun.
Oh Christmas Tree
We usually travel to our families houses for Christmas but this year we decided to stay home for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to start our own traditions as a family. We’ll be going to my parents house after we open presents and have breakfast at home. Since being in our own home is new to us this year, we have to figure out what traditions from our childhoods we will be carrying on and what new ones we will be creating.

The Christmas Eve and Christmas breakfast menus have been one of big contention. Of course we both want to do what we grew up doing so we’re compromising on some things and starting new with others. We always did appetizers on Christmas Eve at my house growing up and Joel’s family always ate out. After some thought, and a visit to The Melting Pot, we decided to do cheese fondue with lots of fun dippers then chocolate fondue while watching a Christmas movie. Christmas breakfast is still being discussed but we are definitely going to have monkey bread (Joel’s tradition). He grew up with an egg casserole as well but I think we are letting that one go and having kielbasa and eggs (my tradition) instead. It’s all about compromise my friends.

Over the Thanksgiving break we took the kids to see Santa at Crown Center in Kansas City. We take the kids every year with Joel’s family then go to the candy store and Fritz’s for lunch. Noah and Hannah love the tradition and the candy and train restaurant are good bribes for the always long line to get to the big guy.
So I want to know all about your Christmas traditions. Tell me in the comments!

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