Photo Friday {01.06.17}

What have you been up to lovelies? We’re slowly getting back to real life after the holidays. School started back up on Wednesday, we got all the Christmas d├ęcor packed away and we’re starting new habits. I have all kinds of fruits and veggies prepped and ready for snacking. I’m bound and determined to pack lunch the night before instead of rushing around in the morning. I started getting up early again so I can have some time to center myself, drink my coffee alone and get ready for the day before the crazies are awake. I am the kind of person that loves a routine so when we are out of whack it really throws me off.

I’ve been focusing on taking more pictures of the kids in everyday life too. When it was just Noah, I was really good at making sure I always had my camera around to snap pictures of all the little moments but when you add a second and school and sports it kind of falls aside. So, I’ve been keeping my camera on the kitchen counter (even though it kills me to have stuff cluttering the little counter space I have) since our first floor is pretty open I can always see it and it reminds me to grab it and catch those daily happenings.
Christmas 2016
Joel and I went to the Nebraska v. Iowa basketball game last night and oh my goodness was it ridiculous. It went into double overtime. Yes, you read that right. DOUBLE overtime. It was a lot of fun but that was a bit too much sports for this girl and it was late. I was tired when we got home and Hannah started back up on her routine of waking up 4-5 times a night this week so that was fun to come home to. I love my child, I’m thankful to have her but she’s 3. Sleep for the love.
Christmas 2016
I received an Apple Watch for Christmas and am loving it so far. I think I have it figured out for the most part and that voice texting works like a dream. Do you have one? Are there any apps that I need or any tips I should know? Tell me all the things. I also got some knock-off bands so I can switch it up to coordinate with my outfits. They are less than $10 (compared to the $50+ for the real thing) and look exactly the same. Boom.
Christmas 2016
Noah’s first basketball game is tomorrow and he’s so dang excited. I love that kid’s enthusiasm. I’ll have pictures to share next week. Hannah also has her preschool winter program this weekend. She kind of just stood there at the last one so we’ll see if she gets into it more this time. She loves music and dancing so we were surprised but it was in front of a full congregation in the middle of a church service and this time it’s just for the families/friends so I think she might not be as freaked out.

That’s all I got folks. Stay warm this weekend.

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