Photo Friday {01.27.17}

Today’s post is filled with you guessed it, another book, our weekend plans, a school lunch plea and some things I found inspiring throughout the week. It’s Photo Friday!

I started and finished Love Warrior in 3 days and I loved it so so much. It’s crushing and heartwarming and hopeful all in one and if you haven’t read you should immediately.

This video. She cracks me up and tells so much truth.

I bought this greens stripping tool at Target late last week and it’s kind of genius. I’ve used it three times, twice for kale and another time for rosemary and it worked really well. I enjoy kale and would like to eat it more often but the process of stripping it is frustrating and the bagged stuff still have the stems so then I would have to pick through it and remove them so I don’t buy it often. I’ve had kale twice this week people. Rosemary is another one that is annoying to pick off the stem but it literally took 2 seconds. And that was Noah doing it. Wish I would have known about this little tool sooner.

This is my plea for school lunch ideas. He won’t even eat a dang sandwich or wrap at this point. I’m down to homemade lunchables, pasta in his thermos, yogurt parfaits and scrambled eggs with sausage as options. Help me think of ideas for this child of mine. He doesn’t like meat, with the exception of sausage and ham (of course the nitrite ridden proteins), or beans getting protein is tricky. Tell me what you feed your picky kids. I’m going to try the banana peanut butter sushi thing next week.

Noah’s first Pinewood Derby is this weekend and he’s super pumped about it. He finished painting it last night and they put on the wheels and weight to complete it. We have to go tonight to have it approved then it’s off to the races tomorrow morning. He also has his 3rd basketball game a few hours after the derby. Last weeks game was a huge improvement upon his first and he really seems to be getting the hang of it.

Have a great weekend!

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