Photo Friday {02.03.17}

Checking in for another edition of Photo Friday. Today I’m sharing pictures from Noah’s Pinewood Derby along with some book recommendations and Super Bowl food talk.

I have been excited to flip through this cookbook and recently picked it up at the library. I read through it then immediately jumped on Amazon and ordered it. It’s a great price right now so if you are in need of some quick, tasty meals I definitely recommend snatching on up.

I’m currently reading 3 books right now. Kind of crazy but they are all quite different, one autobiography, one self-help and one political so it just depends on my mood what I pick up.
I just finished Anna Kendrick’s new book and loved it so much. If you adore her sarcastic, dry humor and tell it like it is attitude as much as I do give it a go. It makes for a really quick and hilarious read. When I’m done with my current stack, I’m starting this and this. Too much book talk? I hope not because I am so deeply engrossed in reading right now that it’s all I have to talk about besides my wild children.

Speaking of the wild things…this is Hannah’s new favorite way to eat breakfast. But she hasn’t been wanting to eat in the morning so if this is the way to get her to do it, I’m going to go with it.
Noah’s Pinewood Derby was on Saturday and he had lots of fun cheering on the cars and running around with his friends. He didn’t win any of his races but he didn’t mind. He had a blast drawing up his plans, Joel executed the cutting and sanding according to the drawings and Noah painted and decorated. It was all completely his own and he was proud of that (and we were too). It’s blue with yellow details and he named it Blue Monster. We learned some things for next time around and walked away having a fun morning under our belts.
Are you guys ready for the Super Bowl? We are cheering for the Falcons because well, we hate the Patriots and I lived in Georgia for part of my childhood so they get my half-hearted, only in it for the food support. Speaking of food, what are you all eating? We’re taking a different course this year and going Chinese instead of the usual pizza, wings or nachos route. I’m making our favorite crab Rangoon, fried rice and orange chicken (recipe coming soon).

Have a fun, food-filled weekend!

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