Photo Friday {02.10.17}

Photo Friday

I have some recipe ideas in the works that I’m really excited about. One I don’t have on the schedule until April but I might not be able to wait that long. If it works out guys, it’s going to be kind of amazing.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? We always make a heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni (use a tiny heart cookie cutter). It’s easy, festive and the kids love it. I always make a fun dessert too but I need ideas for this year guys. The kids are chocolate fiends so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

I received a Home Chef box on Wednesday night and although I haven’t had the chance to cook any of it yet due to our jam packed schedule, I’m really excited about our selection. I haven’t been eating much dairy lately so I’m pretty pumped to have a little cheese in my life with this one. And I chose this one solely for the Brussel sprouts. At 30 years old, I haven’t tried them before so I thought it was about time. We’ve tried this smoothie in a past box and loved it so we opted for it again this time around.

Photo Friday

I just finished listening to Clinton Kelly’s new book which he reads himself. I find him hilarious and really liked it. I listened to it while I was reorganizing the kids toy room and it actually made it an enjoyable task and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. He is undeniably honest, not afraid to call people out and you can feel his love for his family and friends. I definitely recommend listening to it if that’s your kind of thing. Hearing his voice makes it so much better. Just so you know, there is some language and adult content.

Noah’s last basketball game is tomorrow afternoon. This was his first experience with basketball besides just shooting around at home and he seemed to really enjoy it. Next up on the sports front is flag football.

Hannah came down with pink eye this week so I took her in to get it checked out and turns out she had an ear infection too. Poor babe was miserable. I am so ready for Spring for all the germs to die and GO AWAY. So much sickness this winter and I’m over it.

Photo Friday

I talked Joel into doing a couple’s strength training session at Jazzercise this weekend. They are doing a special class to bring your significant other and I’m looking forward to showing him how tough our workouts are. I not so secretly hope he is in pain on Monday. The “I worked super hard and I can feel it” kind of pain. Is that terrible of me to admit? Meh.

What are you up to this weekend.

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