Photo Friday {02.17.17}

Photo Friday

The weather is beautiful, so many exciting things are happening and more books are being read. It’s Photo Friday folks!

The kids don’t have school today or Monday but luckily the weather is supposed to be amazing so outside we will go. We had a record high yesterday. Take that Punxsutawney Phil. 

On Tuesday we met with a builder to possibly start building our dream home. Ahhhh, somebody HALP. We have a meeting with another builder that we love tonight. We are just starting out on the journey and it’s already prettty overwhelming. Oh and I have a newly refreshed Pinterest addiction in preparations for layout and design meetings. Those that have been through the process, give me all the advice please. 

The most exciting news of the week is Hannah has made some crazy progress potty training. She’s wearing undies and has only had a few accidents in the past week! Something just clicked last week and she’s been doing her thing ever since. Just proof that she will not do anything until she’s ready. 

Photo Friday

I’m currently reading The Rosie Project and really enjoying it. Usually when I start reading a book, the telling factor of how much I’m loving it is not being able to put it down. Literally, using every spare second to read a page more to see what happens next. This book is so not that but I’m still enjoying it so much. Maybe because it’s not a thriller with crazy plot twists or maybe because it’s just a book to take time and savor. Either way, the character development is great and it will have you laughing.

We are taking a mini getaway to St. Louis over Spring Break with the kids. This will be my first time actually visiting the city though I’ve driven through it several times. We’ve researched a ton of fun things to do with the kids but I want your food recommendations. Super excited to take the kids here, it’ll blow their minds. Let me know your favorite, kid friendly places in the comments.

Have a great weekend guys!


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