Photo Friday {05.19.17}

Photo Friday

I have lots to share with you in today’s Photo Friday post to catch you up on our last couple weeks. Mother’s Day, Cub Scouts graduation and exciting home updates. 

It has been a ridiculously busy few weeks. And I think finally, maybe life will be slowing down. Wednesday is the last day of school which will definitely slow things down (which Noah is very excited about).

Speaking of the last day of school, Noah is pumped about our little “tradition.” After the last day we’ll go our favorite cupcake shop in town then go to the park to enjoy them and play. Apparently since we did it last year on the last day of school it’s now a requirement but since it involves cupcakes I’m good with it. 
Another big deal moment for Noah happened last week when he graduated to a Wolf in Cub Scouts. He received his new neckerchief and slide that he has shown with excitement to anyone who would listen. 
Photo Friday

Noah starts baseball in a couple weeks and he is pumped to say the least. Baseball is his sport and he’s been waiting rather impatiently for months to start. This is his first year of coach pitch so that will be an adjustment but he and Joel have been practicing in the backyard quite a bit in preparation. 

For Mother’s Day, we drove to a nearby lake with a beach to celebrate. My parents and brother came up to spend the day and we enjoyed a picnic and watched the kids and Joel swim. I’m all for swimming and playing on the beach normally but the water was so dang cold and muddy, I just couldn’t do it. It was an amazing, relaxing day.
Photo Friday
The Parade of Homes is going on this week in town so we spent a few evenings touring houses to look at the small details and finishes to get some ideas for our new home. Noah was hilarious and had to have a brochure or card from each house for his “collection” aka he’s becoming a hoarder. Anytime he found something he loved he would drag us over and have us take a picture. Hannah was a typical three year old through the process and had to be bribed with the phone and a promise of a treat afterward. 

We spent almost all of Wednesday making selections for our flooring, stone and faucets/sinks/bathtubs. I had a good idea of what I wanted for the stone, bathroom fixtures and wood flooring but I was worried about the tile selections. I knew I wanted each bathroom to be different but with the same color tones to ensure it all flowed. Luckily, the person we had an appointment with there was incredibly helpful and made the process easy and fun. We’re going with grays throughout the house and I’m really excited to see everything coming together. 
Photo Friday
We have an appointment to select our cabinetry on Monday morning then we’ll go back to choose backsplash tile for the kitchen and possibly the bathrooms. I adore hexagons if you hadn’t noticed and I’m loving these options for the kitchen with white cabinets. Right now, the home building process is so fun and I’m really trying to relish in it as I’ve heard it gets tiring after awhile. 
Photo Friday
Hannah’s first dance recital is tomorrow morning and her best friend’s birthday party in the afternoon so we’ll have a fun weekend. Hope you all do too!

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