Photo Friday {06.30.17}

Photo Friday

I’m sharing the fun week we had along with books I’ve read recently and some things I’m loving on the internet. It’s Photo Friday time.

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This week my parents took Noah for a couple days then we switched off and now they have Hannah. It’s been weird only having to make sure one kid is dressed, buckled, fed and all. And it’s been fun getting to do exactly what they wanted to do without any arguing from the other one. 

On Monday Hannah and I spent all morning at the children’s museum then met Joel for lunch since it’s close to his office. Then we went to Target and walked around for nearly 2 hours. My girl is finally getting down with shopping. She also insisted on trying on all the clothes I grabbed for her.
Photo Friday
Tuesday was a day spent at the zoo. Hannah absolutely adores animals but Noah is not a big fan so zoo trips when we actually try to look at the animals rather than just playing on the playground and in the sandpit are usually unpleasant. We spent hours checking out the animals, watching the zookeepers feed the penguins, petting reptiles, riding the train and even a horse (her favorite thing). It was a really fun day.
Photo Friday
Photo Friday
And she was so exhausted she actually took a nap. Double score. 

On Wednesday we met with Noah and my mom at a little water park within a state park which is halfway between our houses. We had a picnic lunch together then spent all day playing in the wave pool and going down the slides. After our day pool day I headed back home with Noah to feed him a quick dinner and get him to baseball practice. 
Photo Friday
Yesterday Noah chose to go to Lost In Fun. This isn’t my favorite place to take both of them since they usually want to play in different areas making it hard to keep an eye on them. It felt so great to be able to tell him yes when he asked if we could go. And he ran into two of his best buddies from school so that kept him entertained for hours. After, we grabbed some easy dinner stuff at home and headed to Joel’s softball game. 

I realized I only took videos yesterday. Mom fail. But after catching an epic moment in the basketball bounce court I don’t even feel bad about it. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared it in my stories. Noah was bouncing down the court, he shot the ball, it hit the rim and bounced back right into his head. It was hilarious. It’s not an actual basketball but a soft, rubbery one so it’s totally ok that I laughed. 

We’re headed to see Despicable Me 3 this morning then we’ll see what the afternoon brings.

I am so grateful for the one-on-one time I’ve gotten with the kids this week. It’s been refreshing and so nice to be able to pour all my love and attention into them.  

I just finished my 40th book of the year yesterday. My original goal for the year was 30 but when I hit that in April I revised it to 45 thinking I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that rate. Looks like I need to revise again. If you have any favorites lately, let me know in the comments. 

I finished Everything, Everything yesterday and I really liked it. It’s young adult fiction which is very rarely read but the reviews were so great I decided to give it a try. It was a super quick read about family, love and the risks we take for them. 

I also finished Being a Dad is Weird by Ben Falcone (writer, director and husband of Melissa McCarthy) recently. He shared a lot about his dad and funny stories from his childhood and how those things have influenced his parenting. I didn’t get a whole lot out of it beside some laughs but it was a light, funny read that I enjoyed.

We are headed to Jamaica the last week of July so if any of you have been there, specifically the Montego Bay area, let me know what we should do. We are staying at a resort (the kids are coming too) but we would like to do one or two excursions off resort. Let me know your recommendations in the comments below. 

As you all know by now, I love the 4th of July and all the festive food that goes along with it. So naturally I adore this cake. Wait until you see the inside. 

I’ll be back Monday with my favorite drink of summer. Have a great early holiday weekend!

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