Photo Friday {08.18.17}

Photo Friday

In today’s Photo Friday I’m talking about our first week of school, some books I’ve read recently and my first attempt at homemade English muffins (they are easier than you think). Cheers to the weekend.

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Well, we survived our first week back to school. Noah started at a new school across town so we have a lot of new routines we’re trying to perfect. Because his school is an earlier start time the kids have to wake up earlier and Hannah doesn’t have time for a nap since he’s out earlier. She’s been a bear to say the least. 
Photo FridayNoah seems to be adjusting well and learning the new rules, motto, song and reward systems of his new school. He’s working on learning his classmates names and has played with a few at recess so that makes this mama’s heart feel a bit more at ease. 
Photo FridayI haven’t share what I’ve been reading lately so I thought I would give you a little briefing. I’m currently working on my 47th book of the year. It’s definitely a record for me and I think I’ll probably hold onto it until I’m an empty-nester. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to break it though.

While we were in Jamaica I started and finished Lilac Girls. It was another WWII fiction book (have you noticed I enjoy those?) but some of the characters were based on real people. I really enjoyed it and got through it fast. I have to say though, if I had to choose between it and The Nightingale I would choose the latter. It’s still a wonderful, heart wrenching read so if you like that genre you should definitely give it a go.

And speaking of heart wrenching I also recently finished The Sound of GravelIt was difficult to read sometimes but really important. It’s unbelievable what some people go through and it made me even more grateful for the family and life that bless me.

Beartown, written by the same author as A Man Called Ove, was another read I really enjoyed. It was one of those books that left you thinking about it for days. I finished this one while we were in Jamaica as well, in a matter of days, so that’s telling you something.

The last thing I want to share with you all today is I MADE HOMEMADE ENGLISH MUFFINS. Sorry for yelling but that’s pretty exciting, right? They’ve always intimidated me but after seeing my friend Katie make some on Instagram recently I finally decided it was time. Thanks for the kick in the pants girl. They were ridiculously easy to make, I promise, they just take some time and planning.
English Muffins 3
This is the recipe I used and I really liked them. They had a deep, yeasty flavor and I liked the flavor the little bit of whole wheat flour added. They aren’t quite as craggy as the store-bought ones but they were closer than I thought they would be. Plus, I knew what went into them and they tasted like bread instead of cardboard. I don’t think I can ever go back. 

And to end with a random side note. Who’s excited about the eclipse on Monday? This girl and her son who hasn’t stopped talking about it for days. I have always loved watching meteor showers, comets and the likes so it makes this mama’s heart happy that Noah seems to have inherited that love. I’m pretty sad I don’t get to experience it with him but I’ll be excited to hear all about his thoughts and interpretations after school. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Make sure you have your glasses!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad they worked for you. And I totally agree – I don’t want to eat the store bought ones anymore either!

    And how does it feel to have no one at home, even for just a few moments between pick ups and drop offs? I’ve still got three years of kids at home but I know it’s going to be incredibly weird!

    1. Those 9 hours a week are completely magical! These wild children drain me sometimes (ok, almost always) so it’s nice to fill my tank and do something I love ALL.BY.MYSELF.

      1. That’s so awesome 😀 I’m actually a little sad school is starting because the big boys have been so helpful with distracting the little ones when I need to get something done. It’s going to be interesting!

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