Photo Friday {10.06.17}

Photo Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Photo Friday friends and I have lots to share with you including adorable pictures of my kids (duh), some fun things coming to the blog soon and house updates. 

I shared these delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake Parfaits with you a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to overload a recipe post with personal photos so I saved them to share in a Photo Friday. 
Photo Friday
I mean, she’s actually quite the opposite of helpful when I’m developing recipes but you can’t be mad at that. She loves helping cook but she gets irritated when I have to stop and write down the measurements or instructions. She just wants to get to the good stuff.

I’ve been using my slow cooker constantly and have a really delicious recipe to share with you guys next week that is super simple and delicious. 

I’m starting to brainstorm and plan for the winter months and holidays and I’m wondering what kind of recipes you guys want me to share. Casseroles, side dishes, simple main dishes? I foresee lots of cookies in our future. Speaking of cookies, I’m working with Bob’s Red Mill in November for a fun holiday post so get excited. I know I am. 

Our house is coming along fast and the framing was scheduled to be done this week but considering it’s been raining for days it may not be completed until early next week. Plumbing, electrical and insulation/dry wall are happening next. 

A couple weekends ago when the grandparents had the kids, Joel and I went over to the house to write some special things on the framing. First, I wrote the kids’ names over their door frames.

I also spent some time finding the perfect bible verses to write in each room of our new home. I wanted them to fit into each room that they resided in and for them to convey our hopes for our family. I had some in mind for specific areas then did some research for the weirder spaces (hello laundry room and bathrooms). 

I took photos of each one but I’ll just share my favorites here. 

This one is in the kitchen, naturally.
Photo Friday
This is in our guest bathroom on the main floor and I just love it.
Photo Friday

This is in the doorway of the kids playroom.
Photo Friday

That’s all I’ve got for you friends. Hope you all have a fabulous fall weekend. 

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