Photo Friday {10.20.17}

Photo Friday

I’m unloading our busy birthday weekend in today’s Photo Friday post. Swimming, cake, shows and more fun was had. 

We had a crazy busy weekend last week including a visit to the pumpkin patch with Hannah’s preschool, Hannah’s 4th birthday and party and Disney on Ice. And the kids also had three days off of school. Let me tell you, I was happy when Wednesday rolled around. 

Our annual visit to the pumpkin patch was a great time as usual. The weather was perfect and my mom had the day off from work so she came and helped me wrangle the kids. AKA, they never want to play in the same area so we could divide and conquer. 
Photo Friday
After a busy day at the pumpkin patch we came home to start preparing Hannah’s birthday cake. She chose lemon, after changing her mind approximately 20 times. Most of the choices were some kind of combination of citrus, the girl loves a pucker. I used this recipe and it was absolutely delicious. I also decided to fill it with lemon curd to add another punch of lemon. 

While the cake tasted delicious, the final product definitely didn’t look as I had hope it would. This was my inspiration and I think the reason it failed was because of the softer cream cheese frosting I used. It just wouldn’t pipe and keep it’s shape like I wanted it to but it was one of the most delicious frosting recipes I’ve ever made (and I don’t care for frosting).

I debated scraping off the blobs and making a stiff buttercream to redo them but in the end Hannah loved it because it was “so purple and covered in sprinkles” so I just let it go. Or tried. As you can see I have a hard time with that. 
Photo FridayI bought this fun sprinkle mix on Etsy and mixed in these and these from Michael’s. 

We celebrated her birthday with a pool party again this year and it was a blast. We spent most of our time swimming and the last half hour eating cake and opening presents.

This girl is a little fish.
Photo FridayI know I’ve said it before but I can’t stress it enough, have kid parties anywhere but your house. It’s stress free and so easy and let’s face it, way more fun than I could make it. I tried that whole Pinterest perfect party thing for a few years and I’m so over it. Instead, let’s go somewhere, slap a tablecloth on the table and banner on the wall and call it decorated and have some fun.

And you know what else? It ends up being about the same price and probably even cheaper than all the food and games/entertainment of a party at home.

On Sunday, Joel and I took Hannah to Disney on Ice to continue the birthday celebration. Girlfriend wasn’t sure at first but got into it after the first few songs. They also started with Aladdin which she’s never seen before so that was probably part of the hesitation. The second half was mostly Frozen, which she totally dug.

Do you have any exciting weekend plans? The boys are going camping with Noah’s Cub Scout pack so it’s another girls weekend here. I think I might drag Hannah to the farmers market since there are only two Saturday’s left before they close up for the season. I will most definitely bribe her with a cinnamon roll. Have a great weekend friends!!

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