Take 5 Bark

Take 5 Bark 3

On Friday I told you guys I had something totally magical and delicious to share with you today. And this is it. Take 5 Bark. Did you just hear angels sing? Or maybe you drooled a little. I won’t judge because that’s pretty much what happened to me. I’m not a big candy person, you know

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Salted Caramel Mocha Cookies


Salted Caramel Mochas are my favorite coffee to date and I crave them on the daily. The first time I tried one (a few months ago) was on a day my parents had the kids and Joel was working so I was taking the opportunity to get coffee by myself and work on some new recipes

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Creamy Salted Caramel Dip {for apples}

Creamy Salted Caramel Apple Dip

I’m having one of those days when I just can’t focus or think of anything meaningful to share. Don’t you hate that? I have a four hour block to really focus and write each week and here I sit. Nothing. Do we overload our brains so much with the constant technology, constant noise, constant need

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Samoas Krispie Treats

You know what’s the best idea ever? A babysitter. During the week. While your husband is at work. That’s what’s going on as I write this. Yep, I’m in a coffee shop by myself sipping the most glorious iced coffee known to man. Is it really that good or is just because I’m alone and

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Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

When I think of fall, pumpkin and apples always come to mind. But another flavor profile that screams fall to me is caramel. Whether it’s caramel corn, rolls, cake, cider or apple pie, it’s always fall when I consider them.  It’s rich, sweet and creamy and salt always makes it better. We had some friends over recently for a Husker

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Caramel Rolls

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week, I know I sure did. I got to spend the week with my parents, brother and my aunt who was visiting from Jersey. We had a great time hanging out together, shopping, cooking and stuffing our faces of course. I definitely did some backtracking

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Caramel Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

I am so ready for fall weather! It’s still in the 80s around here and I am so tired of it. It seems a little wrong to be making so many pumpkin treats when we don’t have the cool fall breeze, scarves and sweaters but alas, it’s still happening around here. I’ve been seeing pumpkin drinks

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Top 12 Recipes of 2012

2012 has been a wonderful, busy, crazy year and I’m so glad I have been able to share it with you all! My readership and views have skyrocketed this year and it’s all thanks to you. I truly appreciate all the views and comments and just for giving me a little of your time each

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Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

So do you all follow How Sweet It Is? If you don’t, you must follow the link know because she is amazing and quite hilarious. The recipes she dreams up are spectacular and this is one of them! I only recently became a fan of sweet potatoes and now I’ve kind of become obsessed. Unfortunately (or

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