Photo Friday {09.08.17}

Photo Friday

I’m checking in for Photo Friday today with our busy Labor Day weekend, what I’ve been reading, some fall favorites and a fun house update.  *Today’s post contains an affiliate link. That means if you click and purchase through the link I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. To read my

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Photo Friday {01.06.17}

What have you been up to lovelies? We’re slowly getting back to real life after the holidays. School started back up on Wednesday, we got all the Christmas d├ęcor packed away and we’re starting new habits. I have all kinds of fruits and veggies prepped and ready for snacking. I’m bound and determined to pack

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Photo Friday {Lightbulbs}

This year the city of Lincoln introduced a public art project to celebrate and educate the public about Lighthouse, an afterschool program that services to middle and high school students throughout the community. They not only provide academic assistance but also evening meals and recreational activities in hopes of increasing the likelihood of graduation. Artists

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